Can you guys make any jacket? Any design?

Yes, our master tailors have more than 30 years of experience in pattern drafting. We can replicate almost any jacket in any design. If you have photos of a jacket you have seen celebrity wear or an expensive designer jacket that you like. All you have to do is share those photos with us, describe any further details if applicable and we will make that jacket for you. You can choose from a wide range of leathers and fabrics. We even offer designing help if needed.

Do you guys charge for the quotation and consultation for a custom jacket?

No, all discussions and consultation for a custom order are completely free of cost. You would only pay after you are satisfied and place the order.

Can you guys make any jacket in any material or leather?

Yes, absolutely! Leather is our passion and we strive to get the best quality leather along with keeping in mind your budget. We like to be completely transparent about the materials and leather we use.  Before placing an order you can always choose the type and quality of leather. We have articles written to educate you about the different types and qualities of leather.

What type of leather do you work with?

We offer wide ranges of leathers including lambskin, cowhide, calfskin, buffalo hide, goatskin, sheepskin shearling, deerskin, and horsehide as well. There are different grades, thickness and qualities of leather you can choose from depending on your budget. We have over 50 colors you can choose from and can even get the leather specially dyed in any custom color of your choice.

I am concerned about ordering a custom jacket online. What if it doesn’t fit or doesn’t come out the way I wanted it?

Your concerns are completely reasonable.  We at LustforLeather understand that it can be daunting to order a custom jacket online without actually seeing the jacket. We have a well thought out process for all our custom orders which minimizes the errors that can occur.